InVyomma Plus

InVyomma Plus

InVyomma Plus focuses on gut microbiome profiling, including analysis of short-chain fatty acids, and how they are associated with cancer.

It has been discovered that the microbiome is closely related to the occurrence and development of a variety of cancer types in the epithelial barrier and sterile tissues. Symbiotic ecosystems that inhabit the gut or other mucosa perform a role in both local and distal carcinogenesis.

On the one hand, the microbiome can provide toxic metabolites or carcinogenic products directly as cancer-transforming agents. Moreover, it can indirectly play a role in promoting cancer by the induction of inflammation or immunosuppression and can modulate the efficacy and toxicity of cancer therapy.

The InVyomma Plus test provides clinicians with essential information to help them make better-informed decisions about future treatment, health, and well-being.

InVyomma Plus requires 4 stool Collection Tubes, 2 for the gut microbiome profiling, and 2 for short-chain fatty acids analysis. The experimental/analysis period is approximately 2-3 weeks, and the results are ready in 2-4 weeks after the sample’s arrival in the laboratory facilities.

Test details

Sample Type

Stool sample

Analysis period

Approx. 2-3 weeks

Cancer type

All types of cancer.

Final results

2-4 weeks

Sample size

4 collection tubes


790 €

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