Therapeutic efficacy

ChemoSNiP is an innovative test that uses an advanced scientific technique called pharmacogenomics to analyse how a patient’s body will respond to a specific drug.

ChemoSNiP analyses a blood sample to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms – variations in our DNA sequence that can affect if we develop cancer or if we respond to treatments with chemicals, drugs and other agents.

ChemoSNiP provides clinicians with a powerful insight into which drugs are most effective at treating cancer. The results provide a personalised analysis that can be used to provide the most effective combination of drugs and treatments available.

Test details

Sample Type

Buccal swabs or peripheral whole blood

Analysis period

Approx. 6–8 working days

Cancer type

All types of Cancers

Final results

10–12 days after sample's receipt

Sample size

Two (2) Buccal swabs or 7–10 ml peripheral whole blood


725 €

* The prices of the tests may be an issue of local additional taxes and value added taxes which are dependent of each country’s legislation. The prices may vary in areas that are under the jurisdiction of a distributor. These prices are for the tests only, and they do not include in-office fees such as consultation, blood draws, etc.

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