Onconomics Extracts

Onconomics Extracts

Onconomics Extracts is a unique and highly detailed test that provides information on how effective natural substances and plant extracts are at attacking circulating cancer cells (CTCs).

Onconomics Extracts uses three unique and scientifically-proven methods to assess how effective natural treatments are at tackling cancer. The results provide a comprehensive and highly personalised analysis of the most effective natural treatments that patients can use to treat their cancer, alongside conventional therapies.

Test details

Sample Type

Blood or tissue for Central Nervus System Primary Tumors. Tissue sample.

Analysis period

Approx. 7 days

Cancer type

All types of Cancers

Final results

7–10 days

Sample size

15–25 ml peripheral whole blood. Qty: Minimum 400mg.


1550 €

* The prices of the tests may be an issue of local additional taxes and value added taxes which are dependent of each country’s legislation. The prices may vary in areas that are under the jurisdiction of a distributor. These prices are for the tests only, and they do not include in-office fees such as consultation, blood draws, etc.

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