Cancer Blood Tests:
RGCC Tests for Detection, Analysis and Monitoring

The aim of RGCC and our cancer blood tests is to detect, analyze and examine cancer cells early at every stage of the disease.

As medical research and technology continues to advance, the cancer blood test and other RGCC tests offer promising opportunities for early cancer detection and treatment. In this process, the focus is always on providing doctors and patients with a clinical basis on which they can make well-founded and personalized decisions for individual cancer treatment and therapy. Since 2004, the RGCC team of scientists has been utilizing world-leading technology, and innovative techniques to provide personalized, accessible, diagnostic and therapeutic options to patients worldwide.

Our RGCC Tests

Our cancer blood tests, involving gene tests and genetic testing, are designed to provide three types of results:

  • Detection of possible early signs of unrecognized cancers
  • Monitoring existing, diagnosed cancers
  • Provide personalized recommendations on conventional drugs and natural treatments that could benefit patients

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Onco-D-Clare is an early cancer detection test based on the synergy of molecular biology and artificial neural networks.

InVyomma Plus

InVyomma Plus

focuses on gut microbiome profiling, including analysis of short-chain fatty acids, and how they are associated with…

Onconomics Extracts +

Onconomics Extracts+ provides highly detailed and accurate information about how effective specific natural substances and plant extracts are. Furthermore,…

Oncocount RGCC

detects the presence of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and their concentration in the blood. CTCs are a…

Oncotrace RGCC

detects the presence of circulating tumor cells (CTCs), their concentration on the blood, as well as their…

Oncotrail RGCC

provides crucial information on the presence of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and their concentration in patients who…

Onconomics RGCC

provides highly detailed and accurate information about how effective specific anti-cancer drugs and targeted therapies are in…

Onconomics Plus RGCC

provides information about the effect of specific anti-cancer drugs, targeted therapies and natural treatments on the…

Onconomics Extracts

is a unique and highly detailed test that provides information on how effective natural substances and plant…

ChemoSNiP based on pharmacogenomics

ChemoSNiP is an inovative test that uses molecular biology techniques to analyze how patient's body will respond (metabolize) to…

Metastat RGCC

is an advanced test to detect specific blood-borne markers that can accurately determine whether a secondary cancerous…


is used to assess the condition of a patient’s immune system. Scientists use the test to identify specific…

Array comparative genomic hybridisation (aCGH) RGCC

The array comparative genomic hybridisation (aCGH) RGCC test is used to identify chromosomal abnormalities in a patient that could…


(Cancer Analysis, Mutational Burden and Instability Sequencing) is an innovative test that uses next-generation sequencing analysis on…

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Cancer Screening for Early Diagnosis and Long-Term Monitoring

Cancer is a disease that fills patients with fear and uncertainty, regardless of the cancer type and the stage of the disease. The diagnosis can profoundly change the lives of both patients and their families. In the midst of these emotional challenges, however, a cancer blood test offers hope: Our range of RGCC tests has the potential to improve the early detection of cancer and thus increases the chances of successful treatment.
The liquid biopsy test offers an innovative method of detecting signs of cancer in the blood. Cancer is caused by severely damaged genetic material that leads to random genetic instability in a cell. Every person has a unique genetic fingerprint that is different from that of other people. Therefore, every tumor behaves differently in every person. This is also why the personalized RGCC tests are so effective.

Cancer tests

The Types of Tests Offered by RGCC

Liquid biopsy tests
Liquid biopsy is a non-invasive liquid sample test that does not require surgical intervention. It can detect circulating tumor cells, tumor markers and circulating free DNA in the blood. This allows certain types of cancer to be detected and diagnosed. In addition, the progression of the cancer can be monitored.

Tests for circulating tumor cells
Such tests can detect circulating tumor cells. These are cells that have detached from the original tumor and entered the bloodstream, lymphatic system or other parts of the body, with the risk of forming a second tumor.

Although research has made great strides in detecting and isolating these cells, tests for circulating tumor cells are not yet 100 % accurate. According to studies, our tests have a sensitivity of 87 % and a specificity of 83 % for circulating tumor cells in patients with certain cancers such as breast, prostate, pancreatic, colorectal and skin cancers (Papasotiriou I. et al, 2015). This means that our tests correctly detect a positive result in 87 % of cases and correctly detect a negative result in 83 % of cases.

Circulating free DNA
These tests can detect circulating free DNA. These are fragments of DNA secreted by the tumor into the bloodstream. A test to detect the presence of circulating free DNA is used to obtain more precise information about the genetics and characteristics of a tumor.

Advantages of the RGCC Testing Methods

Early Detection

A key advantage of cancer blood tests is their ability to detect signs of cancer at an early stage of the disease. Often, certain biomarkers, such as specific proteins or changes in DNA, show up in the blood before clinical symptoms appear, earlier than they can be detected by MRI or PET. This enables early diagnosis, which in turn can improve the chances of successful treatment.


Compared to other diagnostic methods of cancer scanning, such as tissue biopsies, blood tests are non-invasive. This means that in many cases only a blood sample needs to be extracted to perform the RGCC tests, without the need for surgical intervention or tissue removal. This makes the test less stressful and less risky for the patient.

Monitoring Disease Progression

After a cancer diagnosis, regular blood tests can help to monitor the progression of the cancer. By analyzing specific biomarkers in the blood, it is possible to determine if the tumor is growing, if treatment is working or if there have been any recurrences. This enables doctors to adapt the treatment plan and react to changes in good time.

Personalized Therapy

Cancer scanning by blood sample provides valuable information about genetic changes and molecular profiles of the tumor. This information can help doctors to develop a personalized treatment strategy. By targeting drugs and therapies to the specific characteristics of the tumor, better treatment outcomes can be achieved.

Screening Programs

Blood tests have the potential to be used in large-scale screening programs to detect certain types of cancer at an early stage. This could help to reduce the mortality rate from cancer by detecting and treating cancers at an early stage.

research cancer

Are You Cancer Patient and Want Further Information?

We care deeply about advancing cancer research and treatment. As specialists in the field of cancer research and personalized cancer therapy, we develop innovative diagnostic procedures and therapies against cancer. At RGCC International, we have been offering these procedures to clinics and doctors worldwide since 2004. With the help of our cancer blood tests and examinations of circulating tumor DNA and cells, we are continuously expanding the possibilities for the early diagnosis and treatment of various types of cancer.

How to Receive a Blood Test for Cancer Markers

If you are a doctor and are interested in offering a cancer blood test in your health care practice, just become part of our growing RGCC network. As a registered clinician you can order a test for your patients. After sending us the necessary samples, our experts will analyze them in our own lab. You will receive the test results within a few days and can then coordinate the further treatment plan with your patient.

If you are a patient diagnosed with cancer, talk to your attending physician about the possibilities of RGCC tests and personalized cancer therapies. Either your doctor is already a member of the RGCC network and can order a test directly from us. Or they will have to register with us first and can then order any type of cancer test from us.

Do you need more information about our liquid biopsy tests and other RGCC tests? Feel free to contact us and our experts at our local laboratories at any time.