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We are leading experts in the field of cancer genetics and chemosensitivity tests. We have been working with healthcare providers all over the world since 2004 to provide the most up-to-date cancer detection and chemosensitivity tests available.

We aim to detect any potential early signs of cancer, monitor any existing cancers and produce a personalised profile of chemotherapy drugs and natural treatments that could benefit individual patients.

We can work directly with your healthcare provider to carry out a liquid biopsy. We will analyse your blood samples and identify information that can be potentially useful for identifying and diagnosing certain types of cancer.

In addition to being a diagnostic tool, liquid biopsy tests can be useful in monitoring the progress of the disease. The results of our tests can provide doctors with additional insights to support the development of personalised patient treatment plans.

All of our tests are carried out at our ISO-accredited laboratories, which are equipped with the latest technology and specialised software for data analysis.

Patients cannot order RGCC tests directly from us. To order a test, you need to speak to your personal healthcare provider or contact one from our international network.

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