Research and Development

In addition to providing clinical services, RGCC is actively engaged in research and development activities aimed at identifying, producing, and testing potential medications, biopsies and therapies. Leveraging a combination of molecular biological and cytogenetic methods, including microarrays, array comparative genomic hybridization, ChIP, and fluorescence in situ hybridization, we strive to pinpoint genes and proteins that may respond to drug treatments.

For drug targets situated either outside the cell or within the cell membrane, RGCC's research and development team is continuously working on producing fully human monoclonal antibodies. These antibodies are rigorously assessed for efficacy using flow cytometry and viability assays. Additionally, we harness cutting-edge computational techniques to design and validate various potential molecules targeting intracellular drug targets.

Succeeding phases entail biochemical testing to confirm the product's affinity with the corresponding protein or gene. For targets with small molecular weights, we employ methods such as IC50 and Lipinski's Rule of Five before advancing to further cell-based assays. These assays encompass viability tests as well as comprehensive gene and protein analyses to validate the products.

At every stage, we rigorously monitor each step to ensure the efficiency and reliability of our methods.

RGCC is the doorway to personalized treatment

Through tailored tests and therapies, RGCC aims to empower people facing cancer with tailored insights that can change the course of their journey.

Our commitment extends to advancing personalized medicine through relentless research and innovation. Our experts continually strive to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic options for cancer.

RGCC Tests

At RGCC, we offer a whole suite of advanced diagnostic tests to help:

  • Produce personalized patient profiles for cancer treatment
  • Detect early signs of developing cancer
  • Monitor existing cancers
  • Follow-up monitoring for possible cancer metastasis

Our tests reveal personalized and granular levels of detail for patients and their specialists on the type of therapeutic drugs and natural substances that can be used to achieve the best outcomes for cancer treatment.

Our tests use our innovative liquid biopsy technique, which uses a blood sample from the patient to carry out analyses.

RGCC Therapies

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating chronic disease. Every patient and their disease is different and they will respond to treatment in their own unique way.

Our team of multi-disciplinary scientists combines groundbreaking research with best-in-class technology to develop targeted therapies to improve patient outcomes.

The field of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) has enormous potential to fulfil previously unmet medical needs. Our dedicated team of scientists is actively working to turn this potential into reality, developing a range of ATMPs designed to effectively combat various chronic diseases, including cancer.

Explore the convenience of our doctor's portal, where you can effortlessly order kit vials, monitor your patients' test results, and access a comprehensive array of resources and tutorials. With these tools at your fingertips, you can confidently make informed decisions for personalized patient care.

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Explore the scientific advancements driving RGCC's mission to revolutionize cancer care.

Our dedicated scientific team is continuously uncovering new discoveries, delving into patients' genetics, physiology, and immune profiles. Dive into our latest peer-reviewed research articles and abstracts to stay on top of the latest insights and discoveries.