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What is the RGCC Network?

We collaborate with leading clinicians and healthcare providers across the globe to help share knowledge and improve outcomes for cancer patients. The RGCC Network are approved providers of RGCC genetic tests. Working closely with the RGCC Network, we provide personalised cancer genetic tests that accurately discover, analyse and screen the disease at every stage. Using […]

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Where is the RGCC Network based?

All over the world. Dedicated RGCC branch offices support doctors in 23 countries, including the USA, India, the UK, Japan and Australia, providing information, advice and resources that can be shared across your practice and directly with patients. Network members gain exclusive access to articles, webinars and research papers written by our world-leading scientists to […]

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I am a clinician. How do I join the RGCC Network?

We are proud to connect with healthcare professionals who are as passionate as we are about increasing understanding of cancer care and improving outcomes for cancer patients. To find out how you can connect with the RGCC Network, please contact our head office.

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Do you have testimonials from doctors who have used RGCC tests?

Yes, we would be happy to share details of doctors and clinics with whom we regularly collaborate. Please contact us for more information.

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Global Presence

RGCC operates in 23 countries across the world, with bases in all five continents.

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