In March 2024, RGCC, in collaboration with SOL Integrative Wellness Centre, hosted its inaugural Malaysia Conference in Kuala Lumpur, marking a significant step forward in revolutionizing cancer care in the Southeast Asia region. From 9-10 March, healthcare practitioners from both integrative and conventional oncology gathered to explore the latest advancements in personalized testing, case studies, and treatment protocols.

Led by Dr. Ioannis Papasotiriou, founder and director of RGCC, the conference delved into the innovative testing methods offered by RGCC. Day one focused on these breakthrough tests and therapies, providing attendees with comprehensive insights into their capabilities and potential impact on cancer care in Malaysia.

The second day of the conference saw engaging discussions on patient case studies, panel discussions, and the introduction of RGCC College and Tumor Board Platform. Clinicians had the opportunity to delve into published clinical research and understand lab credentials and processes. Real-life cases were examined in depth, with treatment protocols shared collaboratively in both conventional and integrative medicine settings.

The conference also addressed practical aspects, such as onboarding and portal access for clinicians, as well as pricing structures applicable to those utilizing RGCC technologies in Malaysia.

With over 50 clinicians in attendance, the conference was hailed as a resounding success, reflecting RGCC's commitment to advancing cancer care through cutting-edge technology, collaborative partnerships, and knowledge sharing. As RGCC continues to expand its presence in Southeast Asia, initiatives like the Malaysia Conference play a pivotal role in fostering innovation and driving positive outcomes for cancer patients in the region.