RGCC Network doctors from across the world set their alarm clocks and tuned in for RGCC’s first ever virtual RGCC Gathering on 24th-26 September. Broadcasting live from the beautiful lakeside city of Zug, the event treated virtual guests to more than 23 hours of lectures and presentations delivered by RGCC’s very own scientists.

Doctors from America, Australia, India, the Philippines, Canada, Malaysia and beyond logged into our live stream and joined our guests in Zug to view 30 in-depth presentations delivered by scientists from every corner of RGCC’s laboratories. After each presentation, doctors were invited to join lively Q&A sessions, posting questions using our interactive facility for presenters to answer in real time.

Highlights from the weekend included Dr Papasotiriou’s presentation on infusion therapies, an introduction to RGCC’s and Biocentaur’s tests by molecular biologist Panagiotis Apostolou, an overview of SOTs and oligonucleotide therapies, and a closer look at brand new products coming out of the lab, including Wel-Nutra’s popular Genistein supplement and the much-anticipated 531 beauty line.

During the weekend, delegates watched or streamed presentations from three separate venues, starting at Parkhotel on Friday, moving to either City Garden or Parkhotel on Saturday, and finishing at the lively Freiruum on Sunday.

At the end of the weekend, Dr Papasotiriou made a surprise announcement laying out his vision for the future of RGCC and what this means for the RGCC Network of doctors.

The weekend proved popular among physical and virtual guests and paves the way for similar events in the future.