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Can brain tumours also be tested with a blood sample?

No, due to the blood-brain barrier, tumour cells cannot enter the bloodstream. This means that we cannot obtain and isolate any tumour cells from the blood sample.

Is it possible to measure circulating tumour cells (CTC) in patients with lymphoma or leukaemia?

Yes, patients with lymphoma or leukaemia can use an RGCC test to measure the number of circulating tumour cells (CTC) they have.

Which test is the most comprehensive test?

The most comprehensive test is the “Onconomics Plus” test. This provides information on the sensitivity or resistance of the patient’s tumour cells to certain cancer drugs and shows options for targeted therapy or an alternative treatment method with organic substances. The test also contains information about the development of the tumour and its potential by identifying epigenetic tumour markers relevant for the therapy, which are crucial for the correct therapeutic approach.

How do online consultations work?

Online consultations will give you the opportunity to speak to any member of the RGCC Network at a time and place that is convenient to you. You will be able to choose from a shortlist of clinicians who best suit your needs. The online consultation will be available via the Cancer A-Z app soon… please keep checking the app for updates.

Will online consultations take place via Zoom, Skype, or another method?

Your chosen clinician will be in touch to make the arrangements and choose the most convenient method.

What types of consultations do you offer?

Our global team of cancer experts are on hand to provide support and advice to both patients and fellow RGCC clinicians. You can filter your clinician search by geographic location, areas of speciality, RGCC test expertise and more, and find detailed information within the clinician profiles. This means you can select the right clinicians for your individual needs.

Is the Cancer A-Z online consultations facility secure?

In order to access the Cancer A-Z app you will need to create a profile and password. You will be required to login each time you access the app or Consultations area. A secure messaging portal has been created for correspondence between you and your chosen clinician. Once you have made contact with your chosen clinician, they will be able to provide more details about the security measures they put in place for your consultation.

I’m an RGCC Network doctor. Why can’t I book my consultation using the app?

For peer-to-peer consultations, we have created a dedicated secure area within the RGCC Doctors’ Portal. Please use the app to send your preliminary request and then we will be in touch as soon as possible with your individual login details.

What types of tests does RGCC offer?

RGCC has developed a range of tests to discover, analyse and screen cancer cells. We currently offer 11 tests that can detect potential early signs of cancer, monitor existing diagnosed cancers and provide personalised guidance on the most effective combination of cancer treatments and therapies, including complementary therapies.

I have symptoms of cancer. Do you offer a diagnostic test?

If you have any symptoms of cancer, you should speak to a qualified medical professional urgently. You can book a consultation with an RGCC Network clinician by sending us a message via our website or booking a consultation via the Cancer A-Z app. Alternatively, you can download and print this letter and take it along with you to your appointment.

How do I order a test through RGCC?

RGCC tests are only available to the RGCC Network of healthcare professionals. If you are a health professional interested in learning more about the RGCC Network, please contact your local branch office. If you are a patient interested in ordering an RGCC test, you can request one through your personal healthcare provider, or contact one of our global network of healthcare providers. To find your nearest RGCC registered clinician, send us a message via our website or book a consultation with an RGCC Network clinician via the app using our Consultations facility.

Why do I need to go through a clinician to order an RGCC test?

RGCC tests are designed to provide medical information and advice for clinicians. The information contained in the results needs to be interpreted by the clinician in charge of your care. If you are a patient interested in learning more about RGCC’s range of tests, you can find your nearest RGCC clinician by sending us a message via our website or booking a consultation via the Cancer A-Z app. Alternatively, you can download and print this letter and take it along with you to your appointment.

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